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Tech It Easy Pro Tip: Re-open an Accidentally Closed Tab

Have you ever accidentally closed an important tab on your web browser and needed it back ASAP? Instead of digging through your history, there are actually "secret" keyboard commands and menu options that can be used to bring them back instantly!

On a Mac - simply press Command + Z to reopen the last closed tab, or go to you history menu and "Reopen All Windows From Last Session" to reopen and entire window of closed tabs

On an iPhone, in Safari - hold the + button as if you were opening a new tab, and the recently closed tabs will appear as a list

On a Windows PC - simply press Control + Shift + T

On an Android Device, using Chrome - tap on the 3 dot menu at the top right; from that menu you will see an option labeled "Recent Tabs" which will take you to a list of your "Recently Closed" tabs

VOILÁ! Your tab(s) should be miraculously reappear!



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